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Fair Haven

  • About Fair Haven Bolognese
    We are situated on a 20 acre farm in rural southeast Pennsylvania. We have lived here for 25 years and love the country life. I have wanted to breed dogs for many years. When I found these wonderful Bolognese, I knew they were the ones and now was the time! It took no time at all to fall in love with these precious dogs. My heart is to share this joy and their comforting personalities with others.
  • How do you request to reserve a puppy?
    Email us at to request a screening form, or use the "Contact Us" tab to let us know you're interested in our rare and beautiful bolognese.
  • Do Bolognese travel well?
    In my experience, yes. In fact, they get very excited when they see the harness in my hand. They know they are going in the car and love it! I have never had a problem.
  • When will we breed again?
    We plan to breed Luc and Lulu late winter/early spring 2024. And we are planning to breed Adina with our new addition, Shiloh in the fall 2024.
  • When will we have puppies ready to go to their new homes?
    If all goes as planned, Lulu's litter should be ready for their forever families mid to late summer. Timing for Adina is unsure at this point. Most likely her litter should be ready shortly after the new year.
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